Friday, September 12, 2014

them visuals part 2

'Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light on my path.' - Psalm 119:105

So I told you guys I would explain why looking at pictures can be handy and useful.
It's useful because pics can be inspirational. A nice dish that you can make, a cute T-shirt that you could buy, a piece of jewelry you can DIY, or a lovely place that you want to visit.
By seeing the picture you get excited to cook it, to go there, to make it, or to buy it.. So if you have a shopping addiction I don't recommand you to look at materialistisch stuff.

I'm not a big shopper, sometimes I actually dislike it. But by looking at some pics first, you get a better idea of what you like and prefer.

googled images:

I love pretty little liars ! :)

I like body chains, don't own one (yet)

Starbucks, it's ridiculously expensive, but enjoyable at times

 Some personal pictures; mostly food ;P
Vietnamese salad, and a lemoncake on the right

A little snack : apple, yoghurt and some cinnamon

Sushi! it was really good
At a restaurant we had a platter of various foods.

 A vanity, this was in a hotel

Hope you enjoyed,
much love, Nolia

Click to watch part 1

~'Vision without action is a daydream,
Action without vision is a nightmare.' - Japanese proverb

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