Monday, September 1, 2014

Them visuals - part 1

A picture is worth a thousand words. ~
Found this picture on

Sometimes I like to just look at pictures that are pleasing to my eyes. It's maybe a little superficial to do, but it can be seen as a useful hobby.. I'll explain later in part 2.
Let me give you a tip: is a site with nice pictures. Mostly it's girly stuff, but they have a lot! So take a look and maybe you'll really enjoy it, like I do. A little downside is that the pictures aren't the best quality when you download/save them. But for just looking when you're bored, it's more than okay.

And of course you can use google to find pretty pictures, but then you need to know what you want to see. On weheartit you just get a variety of pictures on the homepage.

 I already love chandeliers, just so elegant and formal. Here I found a chandelier with flowers ! Kinda cute as well.

I also like picture where people jump, and I'm a dancer, so ballet poses I like as well :)

I hope you enjoyed part 1, there will be more !


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