Thursday, August 14, 2014

Music of the moment

I think someone's playlist can tell a lot about their personality. So I would like to share some music I'm liking at the moment. I'll share 7 songs with you.
Usually I like R&B, but it varies a lot.

Two artists I'm digging lately: Jayh (dutch), Sam Smith (although I think I'm kindof getting enough of it already)
Here's my list:

1) Jayh - Mijn alles

2) Jayh - Mooie dag

3) Jayh - Claimen

4) Sam Smith - I've told you now
I heard this one in Jay Jays (an Australian clothing store) and I fell in love with this song. But I think I've listened to it 1 too many times. :p

5) Sam smith - stay with me

 An artist I'll always love:
6) Chris brown - partyhard (cadillac interlude) 
I actually woke up to this song this morning.

I'll end this one with a song that's maybe a lil 'dirty', but hey, I still like the song :P
 7) K. Roosevelt - Do me now

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