Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Days In Front Of Us

Here's a feel-good post for you; let's talk happy stuff.
Froyo, frozen yoghurt. They are kindof a hype/trend. And when some things are 'trendy', I tend to not like them anymore... 
The same with froyo, but I have to admit: It's so much fun. You can pick toppings, the way it looks, and it's supposedly healthy. (It is Healthier than regular ice cream.)

So yesterday I had some. I find it kindof expensive, but to have it as a treat once in a while is okay with me :)

This is the one I made.

We went to a self service froyo bar. You can choose from different flavours frozen yoghurt. And the price is decided by the weight of your froyo cup. I chose natural, which I like the most and mango flavour. And a little dot of strawberry flavour.

I want to give a little Froyo how-to, how to make it balanced and not so expensive.
Because I feel I mastered the froyo skills, o lol. But seriously, here's the guide:

1. A common mistake: Getting too much yoghurt. Don't fill up your cup with too much yoghurt. You need to have some room for the toppings. You want a good balance between your yoghurt and toppings. I like to have a little more yoghurt than toppings. Let's say 60/40 ratio of yoghurt and toppings :p

2. Choose light toppings. Those light powdered/sugared nuts don't weigh that much, so you can be generous with that. Also choose shaved chocolate over chocolate chips. Those are lighter but they deceive you into thinking that it's more.

3. Variation. Maybe this is a personal thing. But I like to have a good variation of fruits. So I want strawberry, mango, melon, raspberry, blueberry, Peach, and maybe even more. But that will only fit if you get a small amount of everything. So maybe just 3 blueberries are enough.

I hope this helps,

Much love, Nolia.

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~ Hebrew 12:2

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