Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DIY roomdecor - the after results

Hello everyone!
Let me introduce you to my top shelf.
My topshelf

I want to talk about two pieces I DIYed.
First off, the branches.
I just went out into the woods and picked up these branches. You can find them on the ground. Use those, because they're probably already dried. I wanted to give them some color. So I painted them light and dark green with acrylic paint. I put a second layer of diluted craftsglue (similar to mod podge) over the paint.
you can hang jewelry on the branches :)
I thought it would be easy and quick to do, that it would only take me an hour or so.. I thought wrong! Maybe because I had to do two layers; paint and diluted glue.
I'd say the whole DIY took me 4 hours (!) drying time included.

Second DIY is a cloche, that can display rings. I just have a ring with a rose on the ringholder. And there are some other jewelry on there, but you can not really see them.

I really love the look of cloches. Especially the one in Beauty and the beast :P

Click to see how to make the cloche.

I bought all the supplies I needed at the thrift store. Except the wooden stick to hold the rings, I already had that laying around.
What I got at the thrift store:

small plate
candle holder
a glass
the little monkey to function as a knob

I also used glue, paint brush, acrylic paint and diluted glue as topcoat over the paint. (these were things I already had)


These videos helped me a lot on how to do it:
Lisa pullano - DIY Cloche Jewelry holder

Wendy Tung

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