Monday, November 3, 2014

Quick & easy Lunch (2x)

Can you believe that this cost me €0.37?
Today I'll show you two meals that are so easy to make! Not only easy but fast, healthy and cheap as well! :D

Time: 5 minutes maximum.

1. Yoghurt and raspberries
I bought 8 cups of yoghurt + a bag of frozen raspberries for €2,98 at Aldi.
One serving is 1 cup of yoghurt and some rasperries. Price per meal: €0.37 
Very inexpensive and healthy too! I already ate this 8 times, so the yoghurt is gone, but I still have some raspberries left ;).

2. Spinach and eggs
Put some eggs in the pan and scramble them, then add the spinach. I seasoned with fish sauce and pepper.

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