Thursday, November 6, 2014

Current obsessions

Hi loves, how y'all doin? :)
Lately I've been loving a number of things. But like, really really loving it! Like obsessed :p
I'll share them!

1. EOS lip balm
I'm maybe a lil late with this, but I just opened my sweet mint EOS lipbalm, and I love using it!

2. Gold feather necklaces
Love seeing these, I also have one similar to this one. Love wearing it.

Click to see more awesome things!!

3. Light projects
I love the look of various light projects. A letter lit up with lightbulbs, like you can see at the top of this post. Or lights in masonjars, or cute candleholders, I like'm all!

4. B-brave (music)

B-brave is a dutch boy band with 5 young men. I actually kinda like their music, and I have it on repeat. And yes I know almost all of the lyrics.. :p
Here a few songs that I like:
B-brave - Hallo

B-brave - Bad

5. Kylie jenner
I really like her blue hair and the way she does her lips. 

6. Throw pillows
Lately I've been loving the look of throw pillows. It's such a good way to bring your sense of style into your room. Or just to decorate it the way you like to see it :)
I'll show you a few that I like:

Hope you enjoyed, 
much love, 
Nolia -x-

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