Monday, October 27, 2014

A healthy meal - made by my Boyfriend

A few weeks ago my boyfriend made this delicious salad. I'll show you the ingredients.

- Penne pasta
- Yellow bell pepper
- Fried chicken (he did that himself)
- Cherry tomatoes
- Sliced salad from a bag.. ( don't know what kindof salad it was, but you can see on the picture)
- Spring onion
- Dressing if you like

Click read more to see how it's made :)

Cook the penne pasta. (there's no picture of this)

You need to wash your bell pepper, tomatoes and spring onion. Then cut the bell pepper and springonion.

Coat the chicken pieces in a flour mixture. This flour mixture was store-bought. But you can make your own: flour, salt and pepper. (Maybe add some other seasoning like garlic powder, if you like.)

After this, you can fry it. Put your heat on medium/high. 

Now you can assemble. Put the sliced salad from the bag in your plate, then the pasta. Your sliced veggies and tomatoes over that. And last but not least; the fried chicken! You can also use cooked or grilled chicken if you want to be more healthy.


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